Chocolate Workshops and Hen Parties in Leeds

Buy a Leeds Chocolate Workshop Gift Voucher Code for Family and Friends!

Paying for family or friends to attend one of our Deluxe Chocolate Workshops in Leeds would make a great Christmas Gift, Birthday Present, or Special Treat for your Chocoholic loved ones!

They will be able to use the Voucher Code to book their place on an Upcoming Leeds Chocolate Workshop of their choice through our web site, which means that you can give them a great surprise whilst knowing that they should be able to attend on a day that suits their diary.

Voucher Codes cost £49 per person and are valid for 6 months from purchase. Each Code entitles one person to book on any of our scheduled Deluxe afternoon workshops with vacancies.

If the person receiving your Gift wants another friend or relation to join them on the course then they can redeem the Code against the total cost of a group booking for more than one person too.

Use the PayPal buttons below to purchase the number of "Gift Voucher" Codes that you require. Once your payment is confirmed you will receive an email detailing the unique Code, or Codes, that can be given to the recipient(s) of your generous gift.

Deluxe Chocolate Workshop Gift Voucher Code:

£49.00 Per Person (valid for 6 months).

Update the quantity you require after adding to your cart if you want more than one.


If you've received a Leeds Chocolate Workshop Gift Voucher Code and want to make a booking, here's what to do:

Go to our schedule of Upcoming Leeds Chocolate Workshops.

Register as an Individual on the workshop of your choice.

If you are registering more than one person and have more than one Voucher Code then register each person as an Individual. If you have only one Voucher Code but you want to register more than one person (paying for the others) then use the Register as a Group option.

In all cases, enter your Voucher Code in the "Voucher Code" box provided. We recommend copying and pasting as you must get it right!

Each Gift Voucher Code can be used only once.

If you have any problems, please use our Contact Us details to get in touch.